Richmindale - Home of the Rich Minds
General Information
Richmindale College is a postsecondary education institution duly registered in the State of Arizona, United States. It was established in August 2019 with the objective of providing students with a high-quality, flexible, and convenient way to earn their bachelor and graduate degrees in business, information technology, education, and other fields.

The name Richmindale was derived from the idea of creating “rich minds” through "agile learning and education".

To verify and confirm the approval of Richmindale College to offer Degree Programs in the State of Arizona, click here.

Students and applicants of the Degree Programs of Richmindale College may direct questions about the institution to:

The Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education
1740 West Adams, Suite 3008, Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone: 602-542-5709
Fax: 602-542-1253

Mission of Richmindale College
The mission of Richmindale College is to provide world-class education that integrates practical knowledge, skills, and real-world applications to promote effective learning and improve student career readiness.